About this project


I have created this space to share thinking on a wide range of topics related to my work as an innovation consultant and my personal interests in creativity, systems thinking and foresight. Throughout my career, and my graduate study, I have learned a great deal about our personal, social and cultural relationships with creativity.  That work has instilled in me a simple belief that we all share vast creative potential - but unfortunately its expression is often not sanctioned or supported by the context we currently inhabit.  I also believe that we would all better off if we broke down a few of the barriers that we have constructed as a culture that in turn distance people from their creative selves.

As such, you will find here work that I have conducted myself and in collaboration with others, exploring this wicked problem and others.  My hope is that it offers new insights, strategies, and confidence in your own creative journey. . 


About me


Currently I am a Senior Insight Lead at Doblin, a leading innovation consultancy based in Chicago. I am passionate about a diverse tapestry of topics that include, Human-Centered Design, Organizational Change, Design Thinking, Participatory Research Methodologies, Sense-Making, Foresight, Systems Thinking, Story Telling, Service & Experience Design, Business Model Design, Sociology, Psychology, Identity, Social Entrepreneurship and ultimately, the Human Condition - all topics that I believe offer insights into and tools for understanding and maximizing our individual and collective creative potential.

I split my childhood between the natural beauty of Vancouver, B.C. and the dense culture of Europe and as a result see the world through multiple cultural lenses. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Commerce & Marketing, and a Masters of Design, in Strategic Foresight and Innovation. I have worked in Social Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Services, Consumer Packaged Goods and extensively in Healthcare.  Since 2007 I have been a Brand & Design Strategist working in consultancy with Fortune 500 companies on a wide variety of their toughest insight & innovation challenges.  In those efforts I lead diverse teams that bridge the fields of research, business/brand strategy, foresight and design. In my world, complexity and opportunity go hand in hand, what is, is never as good as what can be, and the collaborative pursuits required to get there are where I feel most at home.